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Backyard Playgrounds We Use Only the Best Materials
We use sperior grades of lumber to produce a superior product that will give your children years of safe use of your play set. We offer complete sales, delivery, installation, safety surfacing, safety inspections, maintenance and repair of our playground equipment.
What Type of Wood is Used to Make Your Play Structures?
Redwood and Imported Cedar, because they're the best materials available. Redwood (used on the major structural components) is safe for your children because it uses no chemicals from pressure treatment and it is naturally resistant to most insects and decay. Cedar (used on the floors, walls, and roofs) is used because it is less likely to develop small cracks, has clear appearance, durability and the ability to regenerate.
What Are The Benefits of The Compression Clamp System?
Our superior clamp design in patented and has been tested and proven for almost two decades. The compression clamp construction is 105% stronger than bolt though construction, taking 5,325lbs of pressure before failure occurs. This system is the strongest design available.
Lifetime Warranty
We guarantee the wooden components for a lifetime from the date of purchase to the original owner. Non-transferable. We further guarantee the plastic components for five years. We will replace or repair at our discretion any part, which is defective in material or workmanship. (shipping costs are not covered by warranty).